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You could say that the Daintree Rainforest offers some of the best picnic spots in Queensland. It’s the best way to discover ancient native flora and unique animals, while indulging in a selection of gourmet treats and drinks.


To celebrate the launch of our new Daintree Ecolodge Gourmet Hampers, we’ve put together a list of the most beautiful rainforest picnic spots for you to enjoy

Queensland’s Best Rainforest Picnic Spots

Mossman Gorge Daintree

1. Mossman Gorge


Mossman Gorge is a spectacular enclave just north of Port Douglas. Backed by verdant mountains, it’s home to free-flowing streams of cool, fresh water. Spend the afternoon enjoying your gourmet picnic lunch by the streams while keeping an eye out for the unique native wildlife, including the metallic-blue Ulysses butterfly.


After lunch, visit the township to browse the local art galleries and grab a drink in the historic Exchange Hotel. There’s a local market on Saturdays and plenty of opportunities to learn more about the indigenous Kuku Yalanji people and their deep connection to the environment.

2. Four Mile Beach


Four Mile Beach is, in large part, the reason Port Douglas is considered a tropical paradise. This idyllic stretch of sandy coastline is backed by palm trees and fronted by the seemingly perpetual blue ocean, broken intermittently by the white foam of cresting waves. 


It’s the perfect day trip from the Daintree Ecolodge and provides ample grassy and sandy space for unwinding with one of our new gourmet picnic hampers. It’s no wonder locals and travellers alike know it as one of the best picnic spots in Queensland. Dive in for a swim after lunch (after waiting 30 minutes, of course) or stroll into the township to browse boutiques and galleries.

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3. Wonga Beach


About 10 minutes’ drive from the Daintree Ecolodge, Wonga Beach is a quick and rewarding drive from our boutique lodge. Grab one of our chef-prepared picnic hampers and escape to the serene beachfront of Wonga. Coconut palm trees and huge calophyllum trees overlook the soft sand and rolling waves, creating the ideal beach-meets-rainforest picnic spot. 


We particularly love the views from here, which take in Island Point to the south and the rainforest-clad Alexandra Range to the north. Behind you, nestled among the trees, is a fascinating array of 1930s fishing shacks interspersed with modern mansions.

4. Cape Tribulation


You can’t travel all the way to the Daintree Rainforest and not make it to Cape Tribulation. Here the Daintree Rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef, creating a treasure trove of World Heritage-listed nature.


Rainforest boardwalks lead to secluded tropical beaches overlooking islands and the offshore reefs. The blues of the ocean, whites and yellows of the sand and varying shades of greens and browns in the forest create a kaleidoscope of colours not seen anywhere else in the world. This is truly our pick of the best rainforest picnic spots.

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