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Lunch: Daintree Teahouse Restaurant

As the longest established restaurant in the Daintree area, Daintree Teahouse Restaurant has been the perfect place for Daintree tourists to enjoy a delicious lunch amongst the magical rainforest surrounds. The restaurant is known for its famous Barramundi fish, and excellent customer service.

Daintree Lunch Spot

Lunch at Daintree Teahouse


Dinner: Julaymba

 Utilising the fresh produce from the on-site veggie garden and local suppliers, Julaymba is the ultimate sustainable dining experience. The menu changes seasonally, allowing guests to enjoy fresh local produce in the heart of the Daintree Rainforest. Visitors can also book a Julaymba private dining experience, which features a 5 course degustation menu paired with matching wines.

daintree restaurant and accommodation

Dine in the heart of the Daintree


Ice cream: Daintree Ice Cream Co.

Indulge in exotic ice cream flavours whilst taking in the sweeping views of the Daintree Rainforest. The gelato is made on site using fresh fruits picked from their very own orchids. Flavours change daily, featuring unique ingredients such as Wattleseed, Black Sapote and Davidson Plum. With so many flavours to try, it’s a good thing the gelato is served in a four-scoop cup!

Daintree Icecream

Daintree Ice Cream Co.


Local fruits: Chocolate Pudding Fruit at Cape Trib Farm

Enjoy an exotic platter of fruit that is like nothing you have ever experienced, including native chocolate pudding fruit (black sapote), mamey sapote and breadfruit chips. The combination strongly mimicks the taste of a delicious chocolate pudding, the chocolate pudding fruit is the much healthier alternative, acting as an excellent source of Vitamin C.

Daintree Fruits

Fresh and unique fruits at Cape Trib Farm



Daintree Chocolate: Daintree Estates
Made from cocoa grown by Aussie farmers in the Daintree, Daintree Estates chocolate is the perfect way to sample local produce. The chocolate is available in interesting flavours, with wine infused options for the wine lovers, as well as espresso, green tea and salted caramel.

Daintree Estates


Nuts: Wondaree Macadamias

Locally grown macadamias – with a twist… Wondaree Macadamias come in a wide variety of flavours including honey roasted, wasabi, sour cream and chocolate. No need to hunt for these tasty snacks as they can be found at Daintree Ecolodge.


Daintree Nuts

Wondaree Macadamias


Alcohol: Golden Drop Mango Sparkling & Mango Cello

These 100% Australian made drinks make for the perfect way to unwind after a day of exploring the Daintree Rainforest, or a great gift for friends and family back home. Mango Cello is a fortified liqueur style wine, which comes in other flavours such as Dragon Cello, Mandarin Cello, Lemon Cello and Lime Cello.

Golden Drop