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When much of Australia is shivering, Tropical North Queensland is still basking in the glow of warm weather. If you’re worried you might not have as much to do in the winter months, it’s time to shrug off those scarves and get exploring.

10 things to do in tropical north Queensland in winter

Wildlife watching 

The change in seasons certainly affects animals too – some hibernate, some migrate, and it’s those changing behaviours that often put on a show. In the Daintree River, saltwater crocodiles will climb the banks for a sunbake. On a warm winter’s day, low tide is your best chance to spot these beasts in all their beauty. Out of Port Douglas, whale watching cruises make the most of the humpback whale migration season from June through to September. If you’re lucky, in June and July the dwarf minke whales come out to play.

Hiking and walking 

The great outdoors is at its driest during the winter months when you’re in Tropical North Queensland. It’s an excellent time to put on your hiking boots and strike out on a trail or two. Daintree Ecolodge has its own waterfall hike, or you can go further afield to the Cow Beach Creek Walk. Roughly a 7km round trip, you’ll be rewarded with three secluded bays and some of Cape Tribulation’s most picturesque scenery.

daintree rainforest waterfall ecolodge and spa

Swimming holes and waterfalls 

From the famous Mossman Gorge’s boulder-strewn river to the crystal-clear waters of Mason’s Creek, Tropical North Queensland has plenty of swimming holes to explore. Don’t forget the waterfalls like Cassowary Falls too. They’re a sight to behold. Find out more here.

Rooftop bars and restaurants 

Worked up a thirst exploring the great outdoors during the day? Cairns and Port Douglas are dotted with the other kind of watering hole, so you won’t have to go far to find a tipple. Soak up the horizon from the heights of Rocco, the highest bar and restaurant in Cairns. Watch the buzz of the Marina from Hemingway’s Brewery in Port Douglas, or settle in for a Sunday session on the lawn of the Salt House Cairns.

Salt House

Whether you want to warm up, wind down or workout – or maybe all three – Tropical North Queensland has something for everyone in winter.