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Summer and the festive season provide the perfect times of the year to take a much needed holiday. It’s an opportunity to take it easy and just get away from it all. It’s also a chance to go on an adventure. If you want to take a vacation but have no idea yet where to go or what to do, then take a look at these last minute holiday packages you can take advantage of.

Last Minute Holiday Ideas In Queensland

Last Minute Holiday Idea #1. Visit the ancient Daintree Rainforest


If you have a desire to really get at one with nature and truly unwind on your holiday, spend a few nights at the Daintree Ecolodge, situated right in the heart of the ancient Daintree Rainforest just north of Cairns. In fact, at over 180 million years old the Daintree is said to be the world’s oldest living rainforest.


Stay in one of the bayans (treehouse accommodation), nestled right under the canopy of the lush rainforest foliage. Bayans provide open plan living with screened balconies overlooking the forest or lagoon.


Following a gourmet à la carte breakfast prepared by skilled chefs, take an adventure walk through this unspoilt and tranquil wilderness region and soak up the sights and sounds of nature.


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Last Minute Holiday Idea #2.  Stay on a private island on the Great Barrier Reef


Orpheus Island is one of the most exclusive islands in the Great Barrier Reef area. With limited guests and luxurious surroundings, you’ll feel like you’re staying on your own private island, drinking in nature while surrounded by the creature comforts of an all-inclusive stay.


Orpheus Island Lodge offers everything a holidaymaker in a tropical paradise could ask for. Delicious food, your favourite drinks, snorkelling, diving, cruises to some of the best hidden gems for exploring  the Great Barrier Reef, hinterland hikes to uncover  more of the island, relaxing swimming pools and so much more. This idyllic paradise is truly unrivalled by any other island resort in the area.


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Last Minute Holiday Idea #3.  Go Stargazing in the QLD outback


When you’re in the city, it’s impossible to appreciate the stars in the heavens above. There is simply too much ambient lighting around which masks the true brightness of the night sky. However, if you spend some time stargazing in Queensland’s outback when you stay at Mt Mulligan Lodge, you’ll see the stars like they’re meant to be seen; a dazzling diamond-studded black carpet with no stray light to impede the spectacle.


Aside from stargazing, My Mulligan opens up a world of outback adventure, from fishing for Barramundi, exploring old gold and coal mines, jumping aboard a 4WD adventure safari, wilderness hikes, cattle mustering, relaxing at Mulligan’s Waterhole and so much more.


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Last Minute Holiday Idea #4. Sail through the pristine waters of North Queensland on a private yacht


The Flying Fish motor yacht is available for hire so holidaymakers can get up close and personal with all the wonders the Great Barrier Reef has to offer. Whether you book in for a day cruise, overnight stay onboard or the 4 night/5 day Highlights of the Great Barrier Reef cruise, you’ll be blown away on this adventure of a lifetime.


The yacht is luxuriously appointed and is even equipped with a helipad if you want to arrive by chopper. Take in all the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef from the sky before setting sail with your favourite beverage in hand.


You’ll visit various destinations, snorkel the stunning coral reef, drop in at island resorts in the area and even do some fishing while cruising the pellucid water.


You haven’t been on a cruise until you’ve been aboard the M.Y. Flying Fish and explored the Great Barrier Reef.


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Start Planning Your Last Minute Holiday In Queensland


The range of unforgettable experiences in the Daintree is limited only by your imagination. If you’re ready to start planning your last minute getaway in Queensland’s ancient rainforest, check out our last minute holiday packages and book your holiday now.