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Bird Watching In The Daintree


Home to approximately 430 bird species, the Daintree is a major attraction for bird watchers far and wide. Many come in search of the elusive Southern Cassowary or the majestic Great Billed Heron. Our ‘Bird Lover‘ package is filled with opportunities to spot species endemic to the Daintree, guided by local birding experts. After a long day of adventure, retreat to your luxury treehouse accommodation and treat yourself to the best dining experiences on offer in the Daintree.

Southern Cassowary




Daintree River Cruise

Take a sunrise or sunset cruise down the Daintree River guided by bird watching expert, Sauce. Having worked on the Daintree River for many years, Sauce knows everything there is to know about the native birds, and is sure to share a few tips on capturing the perfect shot along the journey. Not only will you have the opportunity to spot many birds native to the Daintree, the tour is also a great opportunity to spot the saltwater crocodiles residing in the river.

Daintree River Cruise

Cruises by Daintree River Wild Watch


Guided Rainforest Walk 

Your knowledgeable guide will assist you in spotting species that may be missed by the untrained eye. This activity is sure to cross a few species endemic to Far North Queensland off your checklist – keep your eye out for the Macleay’s Honeyeater, Pied Monarch and Victoria’s Riflebird.

Daintree Aboriginal Hike

Guided rainforest walk through the Daintree


Bird Watching Picnic

Bird watch at your own pace – pack your binoculars, bird watching book and a picnic hamper to spend the day bird watching in the Daintree. There is something peaceful about relaxing underneath the shade of the rainforest trees whilst listening to the birds chirp above. Identify the birds based on your bird watching book and keep track of your many sightings in the aviary diary provided.

Daintree Honeymooners

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