Corporate Wellbeing

Company employers know that the most valuable asset they have is the team of people who work for them. Therefore investing in the health and wellbeing of your workforce has never been more important.

A Corporate Wellbeing Retreat at Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa will help you to create a workplace where employees are eager to come to work everyday and have higher levels of productivity.

We have the perfect environment to educate employers and employees in simple methods that focus on the mind and body while creating a new sense of meaning and joy to achieve a healthy life-work balance.


Create a team that is nurtured, energised, focused and inspired

It is a well known fact that employees who are happy in their work and home:

  • have higher levels of performance than those who are struggling
  • are healthier and more productive
  • have less time off
  • are more motivated
  • remain in their jobs longer
  • take pride and ownership in what they are doing

The key is to find the healthy balance in life for all employees, beginning with managers who should be setting a good example.

With workshops designed to give people the tools and motivation they need to take control of their life… this means to employees, increased health, a more satisfying and rewarding life – both at work and at home. And to employers, it means a more productive workforce.

At Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa we can do just that! And we can do it however best suits you. Unlike health camps or retreats, we are offering wellness and life tools that are designed to be easily implemented in your normal and everyday life. We encourage healthy eating habits that include moderate alcohol consumption. This is your time, your retreat, so you set the scene. We will assist to tailor make inclusions and timings that suit you.

Please take the time to contact us for an information pack on all our tailor made corporate workshops.