You are wandering through the world’s oldest rainforest, 40 million years older than the Amazon! You feel the warmth of the tropics on your skin and you hear the deep echo of the Wompoo Fruit Dove from the canopy above.

Your are immersed in nature and have a new appreciation for the abundant flora around you. Your local guide has explained the uses of these plants that the Kuku Yalanji people have been using as medicines, foods and in daily life for 30,000 years. You are overwhelmed by the thousands of shades of green you never knew existed

Around every corner, you catch your breath at the beauty of the waterfall, visited over thousands of years by generations of Aboriginal women, who came to the special place and were at one with their spirit…

The traditional owners of the land between Bloomfield and Mossman are known as the Kuku (meaning language) Ylanji (meaning of this place) and have occupied the land for thousands of years. There is no denying that white settlement disrupted their lives enormously and caused considerable hardship. However, today the Kuku Yalanji people still retain much of their cultural identity through oral traditions, totemic features, places of cultural significance and much more.