Below are some testimonials from our past guests who have enjoyed the experiences gained while staying at the Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa.


Beautiful place to stay. Staff were friendly and helpful. We had dinner at the restaurant that night and it was some of the best Australian inspired food I have ever had. We chose to have the degustation 5 course meal. My partner is vegetarian whilst I am not so the chef (Sam) managed to put a vegetarian equivalent together at short notice and it was just as good. Truly spectacular food with great Aussie wines to match. We chose to have a private dinning area set aside where they provided outside decor with a fire. I had been planning to propose to my partner at some stage during my holidays in far North Queensland and due to everything being perfect at this place I did it that night. She said yes and the rest is history. Highly recommend. - Ben.L


"So sorry we waited so long to go to the Daintree Eco Lodge. What a unique place. The accomodation was perfect set to enjoy all the natural habitat. The restaurant was an unexpected experience. Their use of many native ingredents made it a dining sensation. Would have to be one of the best restaurants we have ever been to.The Daintree Eco lodge experience was topped off with a wonderful spa -massage experiences. This place should be on everyones 'to do' list."


"I honestly think that everyone should stay here at least once in their life. It is an extraordinary place set in a very significant part of the natural world. Learning about local indigenous culture, plants, animals and bush foods was a really special experience - one I will never forget!" Emma - Sydney, Australia


"I am travelling around Oz and decided to check out Daintree after Port Douglas. This Eco Lodge is all that I had hoped for. Terry and Cathy make you feel part of the family. I had the best nights sleep while here, listening to the rain was so calming. Was lucky to have a spa room and used the spa every morning to bathe and look out at nature. It was my sort of nature (being a city girl) with the screen you could see everything but the insects couldn't get in! The staff here are so friendly and chilled, nothing is too much effort. I loved the food & wine, Michelle you are a star. Its a v romantic place but they didn't make me feel awkward as a solo guest . The local aboriginal tours were very educational and didn't feel like a tour. It was nice that as a lodge you were able to meet other guests and hear their stories. On my last day I had the signature spa treatment and floated away for 2 hours. Like so many places I have stayed while in Oz, I will be very sorry to leave but feel that some of the "chilled magic" of this place will stay with me for some time." Heather Porter - London UK


"Thank you to the staff for our great stay at the Eco Lodge last week. The staff from the housekeepers, grounds men, restaurant staff and receptionists all added to the welcome, courtesy and care we experienced during our stay. Congratulations on providing work and training opportunities to indigenous people. It was great to spend time with Juan, to meet Katrina and say hello to the indigenous grounds man. Emma was terrific in organising our stay and the internal and external adventures. We appreciated the opportunity to watch SBS during the World Cup even though Australia did not make it through the first round!"Jane, Michael, Joseph and Dominic McDonald


"We were just so impressed with the whole experience, from the helpful staff, excellent meals every single time in the restaurant and of course the butterfly treatments at the spa. It truly was the perfect way to begin our honeymoon and as soon as we arrived here we instantly noticed the noise, kids and traffic in particular. We loved our treehouse at the Daintree Ecolodge and will be highly recommending the experience to all of our friends" Travis & Christie McIntosh


"Auf meiner Reise durch Tropical Queensland habe ich die Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa besucht und dort genächtigt. Die in einem kleinen Flusstal gelegene Eco-Lodge hat mich überzeugt. Insbesondere ihre positive Nähe zur indigenen Bevölkerung und die Aufnahme der Aboriginal-Kultur in der ausgezeichneten Küche und bei der Herstellung der hauseigenen Spa-Produkte waren beachtenswert. Gerne werde ich die Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa der Leserschaft der Schweizer Touristik weiterempfehlen."

"On my journey through Tropical Queensland I visited the Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa and stayed there overnight. The offering of the Eco-Lodge, situated in a small river-valley, was convincing. Especially the positive closeness to the indigenous population and the use of Aboriginal-cultur in the very good cooking and the production of the own spa-products was remarkable. It will be my pleasure to suggest the Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa to the readers of Schweizer Touristik" Thomas Borowski, Chefredaktor/Editor-in-Chief SCHWEIZER TOURISTIK


"Beautiful, serene, wonderful people and fabulous service - heaven" Michelle and Steve Archinal


"We spent our honeymoon amongst the treetops and being pampered by your wonderful staff. Thanks for having us - Magic" Mandy and Nigel Stevens


"An Exquisite introduction to the life in the rainforest - the 5 star version - Thanks for your excellent service" Maree, Rodney and Alana Finnualas - London UK


"Absolutely the best! Dont want to leave the rainforest. Very beautiful and tranquil, will brag to all my friends about the eco lodge" Vanessa Chessell - Sydney


"We came to make it sealed - and we married in paradise. It was more than extroadinary!! The wedding, the spa, the staff...." Nina and Klaus - Germany


"A wonderful stay - very relaxing, friendly service, fun tour with Juan and very relaxing Spa. Highly recommended - thanks again" Susha and Mark - Carlingford NSW


"Great ambience, food and MASSAGE!!!!!! No wonder you are winning awards world wide." Bruno and Toni Bennet - Port Douglas


Closed out a great few days by learning how to play the didgereedoo. Success!. Thanks for everything - thoroughly enjoyed the accommodation, food and massages." Dina and Aaron - San Francisco


You guys all made our wedding the most enjoyable, easy and relaxing that we could have imagined. Thankyou so so so much! Julian and Christina - Queensland

My spirit is still in the Daintree where I was blessed to encounter a shift in consciousness and a profound transformation . My whole Being is so much calmer and more serene ,my friends have all commented on my new demeanour and I have been singing the praises of your wonderful Daintree Eco Lodge where the caring staff and divine treatments are a balm for the soul and spirit .The whole experience was one of pure bliss and the magnificent setting with it,s amazing wildlife ,birds and azure blue butterflies was truly extraordinary . Of course the delicious wholesome food in your beautiful restaurant also added to the whole experience .I cannot wait to return to the nurturing "Green Embrace "of the Daintree Ecolodge & Spa ! Karin Olah

“I love the Daintree Eco Lodge and Spa, right in the middle of the Daintree, with its own waterfall and pristine rainforest. You stay in private, detached, timber cabins high in the trees. The restaurant features food from the rainforest and local area, and overlooks a pond with beautiful barramundi and turtles in it. The rainforest walk with an Aboriginal guide was a highlight, as were the spa and health treatments. The lodge is within easy access of the attractions of the Great Barrier Reef. I particularly appreciated the Daintree Eco Lodge's friendly service and commitment to protecting the environment.” Sam Marshall

“This is a complete change from anything we have experienced in Australia. The setting for the restaurant is exquisite. The Chef is great. We felt the food was better than anything we have eaten in 2 ½ weeks. Being in the tree tops was fun. The Aboriginal guide was educational to talk to about Indigenous heritage. Every aspect has been exactly as I expected. Very intimate setting!” Mr & Mrs Hardman – USA

Independent review from Tripadvisor

"I couldn't believe we had these experiences in our own country... and not enough of us know about it! The Daintree rainforest is comparative to leading rainforests of the world and is such a remarkable environment, we should all experience it. We stayed at the Eco Lodge primarily because I wanted creature comforts, and a little pampering... which I got!! 100%!! From your initial welcome, the food, the service, the rooms, the spa treatments... all exceptional! The staff are amazing, and complete the experience due to the personalised efforts made. I loved the Day Spa, while my husband loved the interaction with the local Aboriginal guide... for us this was an experience we would have travelled the world over for... and it's right here in Australia! ... To the rest of you, get out there, enjoy this country of ours, and discover these special places we have... " Dakka - Australia

"The beauty about the eco-lodge is that not only is it a stunning location where you can forget bout the hustle and bustle of modern life but it encompasses the true sense of harmony with the environment. The lodge has everything in balance simple luxury, stunning location, aboriginal history and warm hospitality. But even more special is the relationship of the present owners with the traditionl aboriginal land owners. Few resorts respect the land that they are built on, but the eco-lodge harnesses the surrounding natural beauty and embraces the lands spiritual value to Aboriginal people. In return the eco-lodge is not only unique but has an atmosphere that exudes warmth, care and emotional harmony that needs to be experienced to be appreciated....  Thank you for a stay that we will remember for the rest of our lives.... "- Lin Sutherland and David Warth

Dear Terry - First, I must compliment you and Cathy on having done a fantastic job at Daintree Resort. My wife and I (and her sister and husband) stayed with you in late February last year (2011) , and after four days in Melbourne, five in Sydney, and two with you, we seriously contemplated staying the last three days in Australia at Daintree rather than Cairns, but the Great Barrier Reef beckoned. The beauty of the property, staff, menu and rooms all exceeded our expectations, though fell right in-line with the reviews we'd read prior to booking. 

Yesterday when I told my wife, Joanne, that I had an email from Daintree she just let out a deep breath and smiled…that's all she "said," no words were spoken, because once you've experienced it, words can't describe it.

I have a huge appreciation for things being done right in the hospitality business, having spent 10 years in food & beverage at fine-dining operations in Dallas, Austin and San Francisco ….in the premiere restaurants. The experience I acquired made me a very discriminating client…..

  K & J Chandler – Texas

Jan 15 2012


Mr and Mrs Chandler stayed with us as our first guests post Cyclone Yasi in 2011.