Karrba Foundation

The Foundation is a charitable organisation that aims to improve the lives of Australian Aboriginal People. As a non government organisation it relies on the contributions of community minded individuals and corporations who wish to contribute to the future of Australia and its people. These contributions address and support a social obligation to ensure all people can exist in an environment of mutual respect, free from discrimination and have access to opportunities to realise potential and success.

Our vision:

Karrba Foundation extends it’s spirit and values out to all Aboriginal people and Australians to heal their lives and empower their future through sustainable communities of practice and spirit that recognise the intrinsic values and contribution of all people to a just and fulfilling existence.

One that embraces and recognises differences as the vital threads of the tapestry of life filled with undeniable potential to heal and to fully realise the contributions of Aboriginal people to all Australians and one that has learned from the past to inform the future.

Our plan:

Through Karrba (healing) Foundation is to assist in providing improved outcomes for Aboriginal people while contributing to the cultural and social wealth of all Australians.


The specific objectives are to assist the Aboriginal community through...

· providing and facilitating education and training,

· providing and facilitating employment,

· creating, facilitating and improving the quality of health care and operate initiatives for better health and wellbeing, including the promotion of health education generally, to promote the prevention, control, and treatment of those diseases that affect the KuKu Yalanji Aboriginal people in particular, and enhance the general standard of health care,

· encouraging and fostering the interest and financial support of governments, trusts and other grant-making bodies, corporations and other potential benefactors and, in particular, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing generally reduce dependence on government welfare,

· developing sustainable business opportunities in the region for tour guiding, Aboriginal art and cultural workshops, Aboriginal cultural activities (such as rainforest tours, and river and hunting adventures),business skills and experience, modalities in holistic health, massage, spa therapies, food and beverage, cooking, gardening and horticulture, track development, art business development, and product development,

· promoting and encouraging the acquisition of business and management skills and to support the development of successful business enterprises,

· facilitating the development of tourism services and products and to assist in evaluating existing and future business opportunities,

· encouraging and supporting the KuKu Yalanji Aboriginal people in retaining and observing their customary values, traditions and culture. Without this retention Australian society will be much poorer in the social and cultural artefacts that define and integrate a society through identifiable roots and values that will distinctly shape Australian society now and into the future.

                                        Future for Aboriginal Culture

The Next Step:

Please contact Terry or Cathy Maloney terry@daintree-ecolodge.com.au to obtain additional information about the work and operations of Karrba Foundation.

We would greatly appreciate any support you can offer and encourage all donations in order to assist this foundation reach its' objectives.

We thank you for the opportunity to share our vision with you, and look forward to meeting with you to explore the potential for mutually rewarding opportunities for all Australians.